Hello everyone,

We are finally delivering on our promise to create a set of videos which will give you a little taste of what the Common Law Society Law and Legal Skills Summer School 2020 might have looked like. We thank our academic director Ciarán Burke for the work he put into this effort.

In the first video, which can be found below, prof. Burke introduces our project and explains why we chose to cancel its 2020 edition. Videos which will follow are of a different nature since they circle around the substance of what the Summer School was supposed to be about this year. We will describe those videos in detail later on. We are also happy to confirm that the topic of „The EU and its place in the world“ is here to stay for the 2021 edition. We will do our best to make sure that this time the Summer School takes place in spite of the challenging circumstances.

We invite everyone to enjoy our first video and get to know this very special Summer School as well as to engage in the discussion relating to the topics about to be discussed in videos which are upcoming.

And finally and most importantly, we hope that you are all staying safe.


With best wishes,

Your Team


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