Christa Tobler teaches and researches in the field of EU law at the Europa Institutes of the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Leiden (the Netherlands). Her research specialisations are EU association law (including in particular EEA law and the EU-Swiss agreements, seen also against the background of EFTA law) and equality and non-discrimination law, both in the economic and in the social field. Christa Tobler is a senior member of the European Commission’s European Equality Law Network (

In the field of EU association law, her recent publications include notably:

  •  "Citizenship of the Association": the examples of Turkey and Switzerland’, in: Dora Kostakopoulou/Daniel Thym (eds.), Research Handbook on European Union Citizenship Law and Policy. Navigating Challenges and Crises, Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar 2022, 320-342 (together with Narin Idriz);
  • "Interpreting the EFTA Convention: The example of the participation exemption method under Norwegian corporate tax law’" in: Astrid Epiney/Petru Emanuel Zlătescu (eds.), Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Europarecht = Annuaire suisse de droit européen 2020/2021, Zurich and Basel: Schulthess 2021, 403-418 (together with Georges Baur);
  • "The EU-Swiss Sectoral Approach Under Pressure: Not Least Because of Brexit", in: Stefan Lorenzmeier/Roman Petrov/Christoph Vedder (eds.), EU External Relations Law. Shared Competences and Shared Values in Agreements Between the EU and Its Eastern Neighbourhood, Cham: Springer 2021, 107-126;
  • "Free Movement of Persons in the EU v. in the EEA: Of Effect-Related Homogeneity and a Reversed Polydor Principle", in: Nathan Cambien/Dimitry Kochenov/Elise Muir (eds.), European Citizenship under Stress. Social Justice, Brexit and Other Challenges, Leiden: Brill Nijhoff 2020, 482-507. Christa has her habilitation from Basel University (Switzerland), her Ph.D. from Zurich University (Switzerland) and her (Advanced) LL.M. from Leiden University (the Netherlands).

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