This 2 week summer school will address this area from a number of perspectives, including:

  • The EU and international migration law;
  • CETA, TTIP and the EU’s global trade relations;
  • The EU, regulation, and global market capitalism;
  • EU law as a ‘self-contained regime’ of public international law;
  • EU law and international human rights;
  • ‘The imitation game’ – similar models of regional integration around the world.

Students are invited to the enchanting Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic, where they join an array of leading academics and practitioners for lively discussions of the topics covered. The intimate and unique environment of the chalet means that academic – and other! – discussions continue into the evening, when a full bar, whirlpool, and sauna are available, as well as table tennis, football, and hikes to the forest (or the local pub). The school aims to go beyond a black-letter approach to the topics covered. Since the EU’s relations with the wider world are inherently a political, as well as a legal question, the school will incorporate a strong element of interdisciplinarity. Equally, since students wishing to pursue a career in such areas will necessarily require an understanding of issues such as negotiation, intercultural communication, diplomatic courtesy, protocol, and debate, the school will incorporate a secondary focus on soft skills pertaining to these areas. The aim is to improve not only students’ knowledge, but also their abilities and potential for engaging with the real-world issues that emerge in the EU’s external relations.


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Do you wonder where the summer school will be held? Well, it is going to be in the Patejdlova bouda chalet in the heart of the Giant Mountains.

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