What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are temporary or permanently saved into your computer or mobile device during the visit to our website. The information contained in cookies or relating to them is automatically anonymized, meaning that they do not allow you to be identified..

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies serve a whole variety of purposes, e.g. allowing the website to remember your actions and preferences for a certain time (login, language settings, size of the font, preferred resolution, and others), so you do not have to set these on every visit or when you change between other websites. 

We use cookies for the improvement of the website’s functionality and to understand how our visitors use the tools and services our website offers. By storing the cookies on your device, you facilitate the personalization and enhancement of your experience with our website for future visits.

Which cookies do we use and why?

For the operation of our website, we use cookies stated below:

Cookies necessary for the proper functionality of the website

Without these cookies, the website cannot operate properly.

Identification Purpose Due date Who has access to the information?
PHPSESSID Keeps anonymous user relation from the side of the server and helps with identification of users for server needs Ending of the relation or closing of the browser Common Law Society
ClsEuGdprCookiesAgreement Information about the current setting of the using of the cookies 365 days Common Law Society
wc_cookie_webLangID Information about last visited language mutations of the website 365 days Common Law Society

Optional cookies

The use of these cookies is not strictly necessary for the functionality of the website. Nevertheless, they help us to evaluate the use of our website by the visitors. The use of these cookies can be configured by the form displayed below this text.

Identification Purpose Due date Who has access to the information?
_ga[*], _gid[*], _gat[*], __utm[*] ...  The resolution of the user and his behaviour for the analysis of the turnout of the website Up to 2 year (depending on the specific type of  cookie) Google Inc. (3rd party cookie)


How to change cookie settings?

You will find information about cookies setting for the most used browsers at the links below:


Current status of used cookies

  • Without these cookies, this website cannot work properly.

  • Statistical and analytical cookies help us understand how our visitors use the site, tools and services.

By clicking on the following link, you agree to the use of the selected cookies.

By pressing the button “allow all cookies” you are allowing us to use your cookies for analytical and marketing purposes. By pressing the button “detailed settings” you have the option to adjust cookies yourself and possibly choose to give consent to those types of cookies that are not necessary for the functionality of the website.

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