Join us on a transformative intellectual journey at 9th CLS Summer School 2024: Climate Justice!

In this 10-day course, you will be part of an international & interdisciplinary group of students and practitioners joined by their keen interest in ethical and legal contexts of the accelerating climate crisis. The course offers interactive seminars focused on the various intersections of climate with democracy, gender equality, capitalism, migration and more. Each with an expert lecturer with their own unique expertise and background. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about climate justice with us in a breath-taking natural park. The venue, an enchanting wooden chalet, offers not only the perfect environment for stimulating discussions and new friendships, but also cosy rooms, a full bar, a sauna, and an ideal hiking base camp.

You will be able to: 

  • explain to everyone, including your uncle, what are planetary boundaries and why are people crossing them
  • use Article 4 of the Paris Agreement to advocate for higher goals on climate
  • appreciate the political and ethical similarities and differences between the 16th century silver mines in Potosí, 20th century oil fields in Rumaila and 21st century cobalt mines in Kolwezi
  • prioritise among various forms of consumer behaviour and political action you could engage in
  • argue, why carbon offsets or debt-for-nature swaps are/are not useful tools to tackle climate crisis in an equitable manner
  • tell if your hometown’s planning laws consider the needs and perspectives of marginalised groups and promote equity and justice
  • tell whether you or people around you engage in non-violent communication or rather try to impose their will on others
  • concentrate your energy on what matters to you the most

and much more after 10 days of discussions with international & interdisciplinary group of students and practitioners.


Would you like to know what programme is waiting for you during the ten days spent in the magical setting of the Giant Mountains?

Are you interested in who will lead you through the academic programme of the summer school? Please meet our lecturers.

Do you wonder where the summer school will be held? Well, it is going to be in the Patejdlova bouda chalet in the heart of the Giant Mountains.

In the mountains? But how can I get there

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